“Learn to become a professional voice over artist
from the comfort and convenience of your home”

Susan Berkley’s Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp
Coaching Program

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If you're a voice over beginner or someone looking to revitalize a stalled career…you'll apply these proven strategies to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the voice over lifestyle PLUS the benefits of a satisfying work from home money hobby or new career.

Susan Berkley’s Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp Includes:

Group coaching calls with Susan --Build Confidence And Expertise!
How To Set Up And Record From Home (Even If You’re A New Beginner)
My Million Dollar VO Marketing Blueprint – So You Can Get To Work And Grow Your Business As Quickly As Possible
The “Inner Game Of Voice Over” Mindset Training

Fast Action Bonus

Begin the New Year with the knowledge, skills-and insider secrets you need to attract great voice over clients and provide you with the creative satisfaction and freedom you've been longing for.

Dear Great Voice,

Imagine your perfect day. You wake up, enjoy a cup of your favorite morning beverage and stroll into your home studio, inhaling the aroma of that fresh new gear.

You check your email and see that you have 2 great voice over jobs lined up for the day. There’s time to go for a leisurely walk before you get started.

Is it that way now? If not, why not?

You’re here because you have a voice inside that’s been growing louder and louder…it’s the voice of your creative self.
Not just the kid who played with finger paints in Kindergarden.

Not just the high schooler or college student who spent hours and hours playing your favorite instrument, or abandoned your studies for drama club or the college radio station.
Yes, Susan, count me IN!

"I’ve heard about your famous Voice Over Bootcamp Recording Studio Immersion Experience but I havent been able to make it to New York to join you. This is the program I’ve been waiting for! I’m convinced your Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp is exactly Ihat I need to start (or grow) my voice over business right now. I know the deadline for enrolling and getting your FAST ACTION bonuses is Monday October 29"

"So just take me to the order form - will ya?!"
Not just the adult whose dabbled in the arts, who bought the piano or the guitar, who took a couple of singing lessons or the water color class on the cruise.

Who bought a microphone as a lucky talisman hoping to call the work to you.

You are here because you cannot bear to live without creative expression and the fulfillment it brings for one more day.

You’re here because you’re tired of trying to cram your "real life" into your lunch hour, your exhausted evenings-- or your weekends when family and friends are tugging on your time.

You’re here because You cannot bear to live a life with out meaning and fulfillment any longer.

Sometimes it can seem like your family and friends don’t understand you. But I understand.

Why? Because I am you.

I was where you are right now when I started my career.

I get it.

I know you’re here because you are meant to make a very special contribution with your voice in a way only you can do.

To be of service bringing joy, fun, entertainment, learning…to help your clients sell their products and services using the gift of your voice and to be generously compensated for doing so.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I met an infomercial producer who had a program for a kitchen product that was selling hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

One day the voice talent who narrated the show came to him and said he had a conflict of interest and could no longer voice the show.

The talent apologized but said he had a friend who sounded just like him who could take over the account.

The producer hired the friend.

But the first day the spot with the new voice was on the air, sales dropped by half and the client lost tens of thousands of dollars!

The panicked producer went back to the original voice

and wrote him a very big check to come back on the show, which he accepted of course.

But my point is, that voice talent had no idea how valuable his voice was.

And neither do you.

If you’re reading this, its because you have a God-given talent that must be shared

There are people out there-- your future clients-- who can’t sleep because they need you; copywriters, authors who want to do audio books, instructional designers with E-Learning projects, video game developers, producers.

They can’t do what they do without us. And they can’t do it themselves.

It’s not their gift. But it is yours

Your purpose is to serve them.

You must play a bigger game

So what’s the problem Why are so many great voices playing small??

Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence, a feeling that you’re just not good enough.

A sense of overwhelm about the how-to.

Maybe you’re thinking: who am I do play big? What if I embarrass myself?

You’re thinking: “That’s okay. I’ll just do this for free.”

Perhaps you use the “I’m too busy” excuse. That’s a popular one.

In the past you’ve been too afraid to invest in yourself You’ve been indecisive. You’ve procrastinated.

Whatever your excuses are, you’ve been very creative.

I know you.

You’ve beaten yourself up. You’ve listened to naysayers. You’ve been unwilling to do what it takes

You’ve said no to opportunities that are right there in front of you

You’ve lost faith in your abilities. Your gifts.

Well not any more. The buck stops here.

Now, for the first time ever, I'm willing to give you hours of my personal time on 5 live coaching calls -plus hundreds more hours of prep time for my staff and me- - to help you.

I’m making it so easy for you to say yes to your dream…

In my Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp Coaching Program I'll teach you everything I know about getting started in voice- over step-by-step, setting up your home studio and auditioning, marketing your voice and finding work. Plus, I’ll personally coach you on your performance skills so you can audition and present yourself with confidence to voice buyers.

With my hand holding guidance, you’ll record professional quality voice overs from home in no time!

You'll follow my step by step plan and record your weekly homework assignments using an inexpensive USB microphone and some easy to use recording software (Don't worry--I'll make recommendations about the best mics to buy , how to download the free software and set everything up, plus teach you exactly how to edit the audio files)

At the end of our time together, your mastery of voice over skills will have expanded so quickly you'll feel empowered, confident and ready to launch your exciting new career, even if you are a new beginner.


Here’s how this is going to work…

The Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp focuses on
4 key areas to ensure your success:
  1. Voice Over Skills Training
  2. Home Studio How-To
  3. Marketing Expertise
  4. Mindset

Includes 90 Days of access to our Virtual Voice Over Vault where class content is delivered on-line in our virtual voice over university in video and audio format. We’ll also include transcripts of each training module so you can access the training at your convenience and learn the way you prefer.

Plus you get 5 interactive coaching and implementation calls with me so I can answer your questions, guide you through the content, listen to you read and coach you on the copy I provide. With my personal hand-holding and encouragement you’ll stay motivated and focused as I keep you on track.

Here’s the breakdown of everything you get in this groundbreaking training:

Part One: Voice Over Skills Training
Featuring on line training + live coaching calls

Class 1: The Most Important Voice Acting Skill of All

Today's producers, agents and casting directors are looking for voice actors who know how to interpret commercial copy without sounding like they're reading a script or selling. Announcers are a thing of the past and in this class you'll learn how to sound believable reading any piece of copy by mastering relationship, a key voice acting guidepost. I'll help you acquire this essential voice acting skill, even if you've never acted before in your life. This class will give you the foundation for a natural, believable voice over-style that will serve you well, no matter what kind of script you get and you'll get guidelines on how to practice. In this class you'll inoculate yourself, and gain lifelong immunity from deadly "announceritis" which can be fatal to your voice over career... and you'll have a ball doing it! Your homework and scripts for this call will be posted in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Live Coaching call #1: Monday October 29 from 8-9:30 PM ET.
Cant make the call? We’ll post the MP3 recording in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Class 2: The Living Room Technique

Ever listen to a great audio recording and feel as if you and the narrator are side by side, enjoying a conversation with a trusted friend? You can develop this valuable voice over quality by mastering the voice acting guidepost of place and in this class I'll help you do it. You may be surprised to learn that great voice over is more visual than auditory. It has more to do with projecting a vivid movie and manipulating the images in the listener's mind, than with the sound of your voice. I'll teach you how to do this and we'll work together on setting the scene in a variety of voice over scripts so you can discover your signature sound and become a master director in the theatre of the mind. Your homework and scripts for this call will be posted in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Live Q&A Coaching call #2: Monday November 5 8-9:30 PM ET.
Cant make the call? We’ll post the MP3 recording in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Class 3: The Indiana Jones Method:

The great explorer Indiana Jones would love today's class because it's all about discovery…finding events in your voice over scripts. Mastery of this voice acting secret really separates the wanna be's from the masters and I'll show you step by step how to make even the most bland 60 second spot sound as if it's the most amazing, exciting thing in the world so it really grabs the listener's attention. Perhaps more than any other, this voice acting guidepost will help you win more auditions and have your voice over customers coming back to you again and again. Your homework and scripts for this call will be posted in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Live Coaching call #3: Monday November 12 8-9:30 pm ET.
Cant make the call? We’ll post the MP3 recording in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Class 4: The Moment Before:

One of the biggest challenges faced by beginners is getting into the copy, starting and staying in character. Not any more! You may not realize this, but all voice over is voice acting, and you are always in character, even when you're doing the "straight stuff". In today's class you'll walk away with a tool box full of easy to master techniques to help you establish your character and deliver a seamless voice over performance from the very first word to the very last period at the end of every script. Your homework and scripts for this call will be posted in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Live Coaching call #4: Saturday November 17 Noon-1:30 PM ET
Cant make the call? We’ll post the MP3 recording in the Virtual Voiceover University.

Class 5: Coaching and Q&A Call

On this call I'll be there live to answer your questions and give you coaching on anything that's come up for you during the training. My goal is to do everything I can to ensure that you are feeling confident and self-assured as you launch your voice over career. So ask me anything on this call-questions about marketing, mindset, technique, home studios…I'm here for you.

Live Q&A Coaching call #5: Monday November 19 8-9:30 PM ET
Cant make the call? We’ll post the MP3 recording in the Virtual Voiceover University.

"There's more? Order form please!!"


Your live group telecoaching calls with Susan

Class #1 Monday Oct 29 8-9:30 PM ET
Class #2 Monday Nov 5 8-9:30 PM ET
Class #3 Monday November 12 8-9:30 PM ET
Class #4 Saturday November 17 Noon-1:30 pm ET
Class #5 Monday November 19 8-9:30 PM ET

This is your opportunity to get LIVE direction and coaching from me on these 5 valuable voice over training calls.

All calls will be recorded and the MP3 recording posted in our Virtual Voice Over University so you can watch, listen and read at your convenience to reinforce the learning.



"Susan, I wanted to say thank you for your direction the last few weeks. Your class was very informative and has given me a kick in the back side to get out and go! I found you on the Internet and read your info. What sets you apart from all those others is I see that you really care for the people you work with. Your dedication to the business is phenomenal!"

Bill McManama, Norfolk, VA

Part 2: Home Studio How To
How to go from clueless to confident when recording your voice from home and on the road

Meet my guest instructor Keenan Gaynor

Keenan Keenan Gaynor is our expert Audio Engineer and Production Manager here at The Great Voice Company. He has recorded and produced thousands of audio projects (in dozens of languages) for our corporate clients. He also manages a large roster of freelance professional voice talent from the USA and abroad, and provides customer service to our wide array of clients. A talented musician with extensive home studio know-how, he has a deep understanding of recording techniques on both PC and MAC platforms.
On these two jam-packed content-filled video trainings and Q&A call, Keenan and I will show you in clear, step by step detail how to become a clued-in master of your own home studio so you can expand your income and enjoy a great life behind the mic.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover on these training sessions
  • How to know THE BEST equipment and recording software to buy without breaking the bank. You'll be READY and ABLE to record like a pro from home in no time. Having this important information at hand will dramatically make setting up your home studio easier from the start.
  • The hottest microphones in voice over today. We'll cover how to find the absolutely perfect mic for your voice-plus some surprising facts about microphone placement that can make or break a recording session, I guarantee it.
  • The #1 home recording software mistake most voice talents make and how to avoid it
  • Time (and money!) saving tips and shortcuts for getting great sounding audio recorded and out the door…fast!
  • Your most valuable home studio asset (Hint: it's not your mic or even your voice!)
  • Are you a weenie when it comes to technology? I was, but not anymore. I'll reveal the AMAZING MINDSET SHIFT that allowed me to go from fumbling newbie to clued in and confident in record time
  • Frustrated by computers? Technically challenged? You'll love my easy to follow check lists and cheat sheets available only with this training.
  • How to set up the ideal recording environment at home without spending a fortune on expensive sound-proofing and construction projects. Plus, I'll throw in my best road-warrior tips for recording great voice over from anywhere (and I do mean anywhere. I've recorded in a Brazilian town so tiny the milk was delivered by horse drawn carriage!)
  • BONUS: Already have some home equipment? I'll also throw in a few advanced strategies for leveraging what you already have to give you an almost unfair advantage as you kick your voice over career into high gear

Plus you'll get these 4 VALUABLE RESOURCES

My handy checklist for flawless home recording
Our road-tested Troubleshooting Checklist
Guide To Helpful Blogs and Forums
Resource Guide for Audio Equipment

Bonus: recording on an iPad: cool tips and tricks

Now that's a lot to cover I know, but I assure you this will all be extremely simple and organized into an easy to follow step-by-step training.

You get unlimited access to the videos, audio files and transcripts of each class in our Virtual Voice Over University. Log in and learn whenever it’s convenient for you.


"You've always given so much valuable information to your students."

"I'm so grateful for all the information and guidance you share with such generosity and kindness. You've always given so much valuable information to your students.

I think the webinar format you're using is fabulous! It's visual, interactive, and very personal. So much more multidimensional than the very first set of teleclasses I took a couple of years ago. (I thought those were good, but the webinars are definitely more enjoyable.)
Congratulations! I look forward to your next session."

Thanks as always!

Dalia Bach


Part 3: Marketing Expertise
Audio and video highlights from my live “6Figure Shortcut” Voice Over marketing event including

  • My "secret" Monetize Your Voice formula for finding a treasure chest FULL of your ideal clients who can't WAIT to hire you.
  • Step-by Step instructions on how turn yourself (and your voice) into a client MAGNET.
  • The 14 voice over niches and how to know with absolute certainty which niche is best for you.
  • How to find your perfect clients within your voice over niche.
  • Proven creative marketing strategies and how to use them to keep a steady stream of voice over clients knocking at your door.
  • Proven mind-set techniques for banishing call reluctance - yes, you can actually learn to love selling yourself!
  • My unique perspective on Time management for voice talent and how to make this work even if you don't think you can squeeze another minute about of your crazy busy day.
  • The EXACT words to say to your ideal client so the jobs keep coming in.
  • How to banish procrastination once and for all!
  • How to set your rates and make sure you get top dollar for your work.
    And much, much more…

You get unlimited access to the videos and audio files in our Virtual Voice Over University. Log in and learn whenever it’s convenient for you.


“Million Dollar Voice Over Secrets
For a fraction of what they're worth”

Truth be told, I could set the price for my Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp at $2497. After all, that's what others will pay to attend my live Voice Over Bootcamp Recording Studio Immersion Experience


Because you are helping me create a product that will help The Great Voice Company cover its overhead and continue to help emerging voice talent for many months to come… And especially because my Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp is so crucial to help you through these economic times…I do NOT want you to have to pay that much.

So, I'll give you all the tools that make me millions for just $997 for the entire program.

Or, if you prefer, you can pay your tuition in 5 equal monthly payments of $247. One payment now when you enroll and the remaining payments charged 30 days apart.


"I Can Do This!"

"Susan, I'm loving your teleclasses. Seriously. Granted, I was pretty tentative when it started, but with your no-nonsense, pull-no-punches style of telling it like it is and drawing the best out of each person again and again, week after week, I've come to realize that I CAN do this! Getting my skill level up to where it needs to be is going to be a challenge, and breaking into the market won't be a cakewalk, but I'm convinced that you've already given me the essential know-how to do it, and do it well. I know what steps to take next with my voice, and I know what steps to take next with my career. Thank you, Susan Berkley. Your class rocks, and so do you."

-Bryan Todd,
Lincoln, NE


My Somewhat Shocking And Admittedly Unorthodox Money-Back Guarantee:

Enroll now. Take until December 31 to go through the entire program and all five of my coaching calls. Then, when you graduate, you decide. You must agree that I delivered everything I promised you. Otherwise I owe you a full refund.

Yeah, I know. I'm not going to guarantee that The Virtual VO Bootcamp will make you millions. I'm not even going to guarantee that you'll earn back the $997 tuition. But then, you could fork over $150,000 for a Harvard law degree and not get any guarantees either.

I am, however, guaranteeing that I'll give you the strategies and techniques that are helping my clients enjoy voice over success and that helped me build my million dollar voice over business.

I'm guaranteeing that I'll answer your questions-nothing held back, no holds barred.
I'm guaranteeing that I'll work with you in these sessions to help you apply these secrets in ways that can launch your voice over career into the stratosphere!

If after we're finished you can show me how I failed to do any of that, I owe you a full refund. Beyond that, it's up to you. That's fair enough.



"I must give you kudos for helping it go so smoothly"

"I had my first in-studio in Boston this morning!!! Whoopee! It was for a :30 TV spot for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and took only about 30 minutes total. It was completely awesome! I must give you kudos for helping it go so smoothly - I knew what to wear, what not to eat beforehand, how to be relaxed, how to keep everyone in a jovial mood (all 7 of them), and - most importantly - how to give them what they were listening for. Not bad for doing this less than a year."

Mike McGonegal,
Wilton, NH


Now, it's decision time. This is a watershed moment for you. In the next few seconds you'll either choose to take advantage of this opportunity to work with me personally to create your voice over business and reap the big rewards.

Or you'll choose to wait…to allow these memberships in my Virtual Voice Over Bootcamp to go to others, and perhaps hear their voice on the air doing the voice over commercials and narrations you should have done.

You've seen the quality of the content I give you every week in my Inside Voice Over Ezine and in the other free videos I make available to you. If you've read our testimonial pages, you know that the people who've purchased other products from us have unanimously taken to calling me "Ms. Underpromise and Over Deliver"

You know how crucial it is to acquire tools with the proven power to start a home based business or money hobby in this increasingly difficult economic environment-and you've seen how my strategies are piling up successes for my coaching clients and my business.

You've seen my guarantee that I'll deliver everything I've promised or more or your money back.

I've done everything in my power to make these money-making, life satisfaction strategies and tactics available to you. Now, everything depends on what you do next.

I believe that 6 months from now…a year from now…and for the rest of your career, you'll look back on this moment as the instant in which things really took off for you.

But ONLY if you scroll down an reserve your membership now-while you still can., I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you'll do the right thing for yourself and your family.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard,
Susan Berkley

Susan Berkley,


Register by Monday October 29 and you pay only $997
Or 5 monthly installments of $247

Get a FREE ticket to my upcoming Inner Game Of Voice Over Mindset Retreat (value $1997)
A 3 day event scheduled for October 2013. Location TBA

The first 27 people who register get:

A certificate for a comprehensive written voice over career path assessment (based on a recorded sample of your voice) PLUS a private 30 minute telephone consultation with Susan Berkley to discuss it. We'll send you instructions for leaving your voice sample when you register. (Value: $1295)

Total bonus value: $3292



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